A & R Way Limited is run by Adam Way and Rosalind Way (directors).

Adam looks after the practical side of things, works on the boats and manages the projects whilst Ros looks after much of the day to day office work and does painting and varnishing and ably assists with such jobs as bending in ribs and fixing with nails and roves.

The company was created originally as A & R Way Boatbuilding in 1997 whilst working on a boat project at Portishead docks, later in 1998 they moved back to Adam's native Argyll and after a short stint at Crinan Boats, as it was then called, they began their first local yacht restoration on a Uffa Fox Itchen ferry type yacht.

Adam was born on the Isle of Mull into a farming family. At the back of the farm was the 5 mile long fresh water Loch, Loch Fresa, and it was here that he began sailing in a Kyles of Bute clinker racing dinghy built by Smiths of Tighnabruich. Adam did not go straight to boat building but continued with the running of the farm. During this time he trained as an Agricultural engineer, which included diesel mechanics, repair and maintenance of machinery and welding skills.

These skills are directly transferable to boats.He spent 3 years at sea working on fishing trawlers around the Scottish coast and the north of Australia.

Later with a young family in tow they headed south to lowesrtoft so that Adam could join the full boatbulding course at the International Boatbuilding Training Centre. Here he gained a distinction in all aspects and won the class prize.

Currently the company operates from its own yard in the local industrial estate, where the major work is carried out, and also a yard on the Bank of Crinan Canal at Cairnbaan where boats are stored over the winter and some work is done also. The company employs 4 to 6 people one of whom is currently an apprentice.

In their spare time they enjoy outdoors activities and sailing among the Scottish islands.

Adam and Ros are always on the look out for a better waterside location to expand and run the whole business from.