Canna is a Scottish Island Class one design racing yacht, designed by Alfred Mylne around 1928. She was built by the Bute Slip Dock company in 1936. she is planked in lovely pitch pine originally on rock elm ribs and elm keel.

She had an illustrious career helmed by the famous Herbert Thom, one of the foremost yacht racers of the Clyde and beyond. (much is written of him else where on the net). Now in new ownership related to Herbert Thom, we have carried out a major restoration and overhaul. we replaced the wood keel which was in very poor shape, renewed all the floor timbers inside and the ribs through the main part of the boat.

we then went on to refit the interior, cockpit, repair the rudder, fit new toe rails. One of the final jobs before launching was to spline the topsides seems, this was a tough decision to take as she had not been splined before and we were concerned about the final appearance, however we should not have been concerned the result is superb.

An interesting part was making a new mast to the original drawings, hollow pear shaped with internal wiring for light and VHF. She was then rigged very closely to the original set up.