The Truant

The Truant is an 8m class yacht built by William Fife in 1910. She was built for Sir Ralph Gore the then commadore of the royal yacht Squadron in Cowes.

We had the pleasure of undertaking the restoration of this fine yacht replacing much of the underwater planking, framing and ribs. We also re-decked her with new beams and under deck structure. She was totally refastened and refitted with her original rig.

Enormous lengths were gone to to replicate everything down to the last detail as closely as we could, but at the same time this was no re-build a complete boat with one old part and call her the same boat, as a high proportion of the hull planking, cabin sides and roof and so on were kept, with this we feel that she kept her character which she had aquired since her launch in 1910.

Most of the work was completed at our yard in just 7 months. We made a huge effort to keep as much of the old boat as we could in contrast to many high profile restorations where almost nothing remains. She has proved to be very fast and beautiful back in the water.