Community Boatbuilding


Please give Adam a call for a chat even if it is very early days for your idea.

Community boatbuilding courses are a wonderful way to bring together a community on a project which can inspire is so many ways, creatively, historically getting in touch with its roots, health, fitness and so on.

There are few things more satisfying that introducing people to making something which they never thought possible. Boats combine a beauty of form with a purpose and function unlike most items you could make, except perhaps musical instruments, it is not surprising that there is a fairly common overlap between boatbuilders and instrument makers..

Since 2001 we have run and been involved in the training and boatbuilding role in many community boat building projects.

The first was to build a small plywood pram dinghy with children over a week at a local sailing club. We then went on to build 2 rowing skiffs in the local high school, 2 more with a sailing club, an other skiff with long term unemployed, next was a much more ambitious project to build a replica Loch Fyne Skiff with the Tarbert community of adults and children. Most recent was a project on the isle of Tiree to restore some of their island built small lug sailed boats with a full community cross section over a period of 7 weeks, day classes, evening classes and some weekends.

We are keen to offer this expertise to other groups looking for a satisfying and inclusive project. we can offer help and advice in the planning as well as supplying the know how of boatbuilding and the ability to get beginners to make things they never thought possible.

We have great skill and patience on the teaching side and our normal ethos is to have almost all of the practical boatbuilding done by the participants with us on hand for teaching and support.

We can work locally or travel to you.