We really enjoy the big stuff. It is great to come from tiny intricate teak trim in a classic yacht interior to sledge hammering 7inch galvanised rose head spikes into fresh frames. Over the years we have repaired and replaced much planking framing and decking on larger boats.


Splendour is a Scottish built fishing boat of 70ft. After retiering from fishing she went to the Netherlands into private ownership where she was refitted with the steel superstructure and large family accommodation. The current owners, Argyll Cruising, bought her in Holland after she ahd been left lying on a canal for some years and brought her back to Scotland where they refitted her as a cruise boat on the west coast. We have been undertaking a program of structural repairs and replacments.


All though we do not have a slipway suitable to haul the bigger boats we can do a surprising amount afloat and can always come to you if neccesary.