Stunning loch boat, for fly fishing, sailing, rowing or with outboard motor fitted. Beautiful larch planking with utili contrasting seats and top planks.

This is a loch boat, designed for fishing and rowing and can be fitted with an outboard motor. It is vital for a loch fishing boat to drift nicely broadside on, not too quickly and be stable for fisherman to stand in and move around. This also makes her very suitable for use as an every day family fun boat, part of a hire fleet or perhaps for rowing guests on the river, indeed she is so stable that an adult can stand on the edge without capsizing her or filling her with water. 


We have recently tweeked the lines to make her more suitable for rough conditions and with an eye to later convertion to a sailing boat.

She can be built any length from 13 to 17 feet long with a variety of seat arrangements or decks.

As with all our boats we offer a choise of timbers and finishes but always great care is taken to produce a boat of high quality which if looked after will last a lifetime.

One of the boats pictured was fitted out with batteries and an electric outboard motor.