This is an exceptional little boat of authentic traditional design. With a displacement of some 2.2 tonnes she is very stable and a joy to sail. The space aboard encourages her to be filled with friends and family for days out, with the original loose footed lug mainsail tacking and jibeing is a calm and easy affair. With the custom trailer she can be pulled behind a larger 4x4.

The boat pictured
LOD 20ft
Beam 6ft 7inches
Bowsprit 5ft
Draft 3ft 2inches

Loch fyne skiffs were developed for a new kind of fishing in Loch Fyne in the mid 1800s. This involved the use of two vessels surrounding a whole shole of herring which were then sent off to feed the industrial workers in Glasgow.

Although this boat is pictured as a simple open boat it can have any number of different configurations of fit out, including decks and a small cabin. We have produced drawings of a much larger version 44ft with a gaff ketch rig. Loch Fyne skiffs have always lent themselves to being used as yachts with some fishing boats being converted and some being built as such.
Loch Fyne skiff yachts have have cruised extensively both coastal and ocean crossing, they are very seaworthy, safe and easily handled.

These boats are similar to other west coast fishing boats of the time in general appearance but are characterized by their raked mast and steeply sloping keel, being very deep at the aft end and shallow at the bow. This shape allowed for stability, good performance under sail and manoeuverability.
These boats ranged from 20 feet to 37 feet and we would be delighted to discuss a proposal to build a Loch Fyne Skiff of any size, see my drawings of a 44footer.