Rowing dinghy of traditional clinker type' performs well under oars for it size and can be fitted with a small outboard.

The first boat we built to this design was launched about 10 years ago. She was built for a fishing family in Tarbert Loch Fyne and is still in regular use.

She is 13ft long and is of a once common type of useful rowing boat.
She is stable and nice to row and also easily pushed along by a small outboard motor.


As with all our boats she can be built slightly longer or shorter if required and can have a custom internal arrangement of seats etc.

she can be built from mahogany or larch on oak and comes with bronze fittings and a pair of oars.

We offer a choice of finishes, quality gloss varnish, an oiled finish or painted.

This boat can also be fitted with a small sailing rig to make her a truly versitile family, sailing, rowing or fishing boat.